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FREE Sole Proprietor & Self Employment Tax Guide!

FREE Sole Proprietor & Self Employment Tax Guide!

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Over the last 2 years, we have had a big demand for a Canadian Tax Guide (U.S Tax Guide coming soon). The Pypr Team is excited to introduce the perfect guide for you if you're a contractor, self-employed, or own a sole proprietorship. 

With easy to understand language this guide will walk you through how to keep records, what expenses you can claim, sales tax, CPP as a business owner, and more. 

This PDF can be read on any laptop, smart phone and tablet. If you prefer a hard copy it is PDF print quality to ensure the best reading experience. 

Once you checkout, you will be sent a link to the tax guide in your email.


Happy Filing!

The Pypr Team

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Customer Reviews

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Minnie St Claire
It needs to reference the CRA as the source for the information.

It's a nice quick sheet, but it needs to guide you to finding the information at the source.

Tax rules change annually and you need to know where to find the source of the information so you can prepare for up coming changes and rules.

Diana Altham
SO helpful, right when I needed it most.

Tax season has always been really daunting to me. I had a general idea of what I needed to do to get ready, but this tax guide made it so much more digestible than anything else I've found. Huge thanks to the team at Pypr!

Super helpful!

What a great resource, I can't believe it's free! This really helped me with my small business