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What makes your services judgement-free?

Every Pypr Partnr has undergone an in-depth interview process (we’re exceptionally picky), and has aced our in house sensitivity training. They’ve also signed their name to a strict code of ethics which we’re happy to provide upon request: contact@hellopypr.com

Do you store my information on file? And if so, for how long?

Pypr will store your basic information (i.e. your name, location, email and phone number) within your online profile to pass on to your Pypr Partnr. Pypr only retains information as long as necessary to complete the services, and deletes historical data periodically.

What are Pypr's rates?

Our services are offered in three different package options. Please visit ourservices pageto learn more about the packages and their rates.

I've never filed my taxes before, where do I start?

We love helping first-time filers (it’s our chance to make your foray into the world of taxes enjoyable). Start by filling out our initial questionnaire. From there you’ll be set up with a 30-minute call with a Pypr representative. They’ll tell you what to expect when you meet with your Pypr Partner (your certified accountant), and go over everything you’ll need to bring to that appointment (we’re talking T4s, bank statements, receipts, etc.).

Some of my businesses aren't legal, can you still help me?

While Pypr has a commitment to being judgement free, we are unable to provide accounting services for those engaging in illegal activity.

I missed the deadline to file, what should I do?

First off, don’t panic. This happens all the time and there is usually a clear path to take. We can help you! Start by filling out our initial questionnaire. From there you’ll be set up with a 30-minute call with a Pypr representative. They’ll be able to explain the process of filing late, and what to expect. (And we promise to hold your hand through the whole experience.)

Eeeeeks! I ghosted my consultation!

We totally get life happens, that’s why we suggest getting in touch prior to the consultation to reschedule. No shows without rescheduling are non refundable.

Refund Policy

You’ll never regret investing in your financial independence. (Which works out nicely because all sales are final.)

What should I do if I experience judgement or inappropriate behaviour from my Pypr Partnr?

While we work incredibly hard to ensure that this never happens, we understand that for some of these Partnrs, there will be an adjustment period. Pypr takes our mission very seriously, and we have a designated contact and process in place to investigate any complaints or feedback. Your comfort and safety matters most to us. You can email our head of Pypr Partnrs to share your experiences: contact@hellopypr.com